Sozo Networks | Sozo Leadership Institute
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Sozo Leadership Institute

The Sozo Leadership Institute’s leadership capacity development programs are some of the best offered by a grass root organization. The programs have trained and graduated over 300 young civic leaders nationwide who currently leads several development projects across the country. The institute offers intensive master classes for emerging civic leaders, offers a certificate course in civic leadership and grant writing as well as a wide range of consultancy and support services to young NGOs across the country.

Sozo Grant Writing Course:

Lack of access to funds and lack of diversification of funding sources are significant challenges to continued professional and institutional growth for many organizations led by young entrepreneurs and civic leaders. The goal of this course is to provide intensive four-day onsite or 5 weeks online grant writing training for young non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs, so that they may acquire skills to write grants in order to support their worthwhile projects. Click here to register for this course.


Strategic Planning Retreat:

Step away to the balcony, review the needs/problems you are meeting, measure your impact, look into the future, create SMART goals and be ready to take advantage of the future with our Strategic Planning Course & Retreat.

Leadership Master Class:

Lead your organization more effectively by understanding through this master class. You will learn about organizational change management, leading change, community mobilization for action, partnerships, collaboration and the basic principles of networking.