Sozo boot camp was what I needed to fine-tune my goals. I found the camp very enlightening, with simple learner friendly approaches.

Obafemi Felicia Funke. ED, TEGRI, Abuja

In Nigeria, the high level of youth unemployment has caused a surge in professional development and entrepreneurial programs targeted at empowering youths for self-employment and participation in national development. The success of these programs has led to the emergence of Nigerian youths with increased awareness and engagement in community development. Notable among the success recorded is an increased number of youth-led development organizations. Sadly, many of these organizations struggle with sustainability, with 80% of them dying within 3 years.
The Youths in Development Fellowship addresses the challenge by providing youths in Nigeria with knowledge, skills, and networks required to effectively lead sustainable community development initiatives. This will be achieved by hosting capacity development boot camps in four States, in Nigeria followed by mentorship, pitching competitions, community projects, and continuous support. Fellows will be supervised to step down the training to 2000 young people in their communities. Fellows will attend a 4-day non-residential boot camp. They will hone their leadership skills, build new networks and learn best practices in community development from accomplished experts. Beneficiaries are
youths between the ages of 18 to 35 with demonstrated leadership in community engagements and development initiatives. Beyond their track records, preferred candidates are required to demonstrate a keen interest in this program and exceptional plans for the future. Fellows would be competitively selected based on their performance in our 2-stage selection process that will include completion of an electronic application form and a Skype or phone interview with our team of experts. Selection would be inclusive, ensuring gender balance and involvement of people living with disabilities.   

Our pilot project in Abuja, Ibadan, and Lagos impacted 50 beneficiaries and below are some of their feedbacks:

"Sozo strategy boot camp was what I needed to fine-tune my goals. I found the camp very enlightening, with simple learner friendly approaches." - Obafemi Felicia Funke. ED, TEGRI, Abuja.
From just a mental picture, I now have a viable and sustainable model." - Olumide Adaramoye, Ibadan.
"The mode of delivery is a system I will adopt, because of its effectiveness. The strategic thinking and planning session has helped me to develop long term goals. My b
usiness and the social initiative now have synergy. I have learned many skills that make me feel untouchable by business and management pitfalls."- Diana Gbefwi-Guyit, FCT Abuja.
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