Sozo Networks | Our Programs
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Our Programs


A highly inclusive leadership and career development conference that has been empowering thousands of teenagers for 3 years with life and leadership skills needed to begin to develop a purpose-driven career path and begin to practice leadership before they turn 18.


A weekly mentorship platform for teenagers, that provides them with one on one mentorship, vocational skills training (with a special focus on ICT), career guidance, leadership development experiences and much needed life skills.

At the end of the Academy, we empower and supervise the teenagers to initiate or contribute to the development of their immediate communities and schools in their own little way. We have been successful with 130 teenagers in the past 3 years. 60% of past participants either volunteers, runs a small business or are employed in small firms, while they await admission and as they study in tertiary institutions. 95% of participants gave testimonies of reorientation, life skills, demonstrated leadership and to have learnt at least a new vocation.


We conduct fundraising to sponsor indigent teenagers for major examinations and to provide adequate academic assistants. In 3 years, we have paid for senior secondary school certificate examinations for over 30 teenagers and through our local partners have provided free after school examination preparation classes and camps for the teenagers attending the SAFE Academy.


We create forums for parents of teenagers from low-income communities to interact and receive trainings on best practices in creating enabling environments for leadership and educational excellence. Most trainings are done in local languages and we have empowered more than 100 low income parents so far. Parents have shared testimonies of how the trainings has affected their homes and how they have practiced what they learnt and the great results they have seen in their children.


Our yearly competitions include the SAFE Leadership Challenge: A social entrepreneurship pitching competition for teenagersĀ and the Academic Commendation Program that rewards the best 3 students from every class in senior secondary schools in Ibadan.


We offer a 6 months volunteer program that connects older youths and professionals to teenagers for mentorship. Volunteers are monthly trained towards personal development and organization management. In the past 3 years, more than 60 youths have volunteered in our programs, more than 70% of them have demonstrated improved competence, empathy and professional development, evidenced by better jobs, increased volunteerism, business startups and educational advancements.