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About Sozo Networks


Sozo  Networks  is  a Nigerian  non-profit founded in 2014 with  track records of  increasing  the  participation  of  young  and  emerging  leaders  in  community leadership  and  reducing  unemployment  in  the  country.  We  nurture  a  growing  network  of young community  development  actors,  youth  workers,  activists  and  social  entrepreneurs  who are  addressing  critical  needs  across  the  country.  We  work on developing  youth and teenage leaders  through  grassroots  mentorship,  educational  supports, career  guidance,  vocational  trainings,  practical  leadership  development  experiences  and other innovative  and  inclusive  programs.   The  Sozo  Leadership  Institute offers leadership  capacity  development  programs  which are  world class, experiential and practical.  We  have  trained  and  graduated  nonprofit  leaders  all across Nigeria and in some African countries who  currently  leads  diverse  development  projects  that are capable of transforming Africa’s socio-economic landscape.  The  institute offers intensive  master classes  for  emerging  civic  leaders,  certificate  courses  in  civic  leadership  and  grant writing  as  well  as  a  wide  range  of  consultancy  and  support  services  to  emerging nonprofits  across  the  continent  of  Africa.

Our leadership development approach is hinged on creating vibrant youth networks, providing non-formal experiential education, volunteering opportunities and strengthening youth-led initiatives. 

Our flagship project uses a two-pronged strategy that engages youth volunteers in empowering thousands of low-income and vulnerable teenagers across 5 States in Nigeria, preparing them for life, leadership, career, and entrepreneurship before they turn 18. Through grassroots mentorship, educational supports, career guidance, vocational training, practical leadership development experiences and other innovative and inclusive programs while providing these youths with professional development through our leadership institute.

Strategic Vision

To have a world with competent youth leaders


To nurture formidable leagues of competent youths who are actively transforming their societies through innovative entrepreneurship, civic engagements, and public leadership.

 The Problems

Inadequate youth participation in leadership,  worsening youth unemployment crisis and poor access to quality education.

Our Numbers


active youth volunteers nationwide


teenagers reached across 50 communities in 4 Nigerian states


non-profit leaders trained on grant writing and organizational leadership.


volunteer-led business and non-profit start ups


Non-profit organizations supported


volunteer-led community service projects per month

Our Objectives

  • To provide teenagers in our cities of operation with mentorship, career guidance and practical leadership development experiences every year
  • To stimulate interest in education and excellent academic performance in teenagers attending high schools in our communities of operations
  • To empower low income teenagers in our cities of operation with vocational skills, educational supports and entrepreneurship skills.
  • To train parents in our cities of operation with knowledge and skills needed to create an enabling environment for educational excellence and leadership.
  • To support youth-led development-oriented businesses and non-profit organizations through trainings, consultancy, and professional development opportunities.
  • To create leadership capacity development and volunteering opportunities for youths through the Sozo Leadership Institute.


Below are some of the organizations that has funded or partnered with us:

  • Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy, Ibadan. 
  • United States Mission in Nigeria
  • Appalachian State University, Boone NC. U.S.A.
  • International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), Washington D.C
  • Centre For Values in Leadership, Lagos
  • Women and Career, Lagos
  • MAYEIN, Ibadan 
  • Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association, Lagos
  • Harvest House Christian Centre, Ibadan 
  • University of Ibadan
  • American Corner Ibadan
  • Education Advancement Centre, Ibadan
  • Bluechrome Associates, NewYork, DC. 
  • My period kit