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About Sozo Networks


Sozo Networks is a non-profit organization with 4 years history of increasing the participation of youths in leadership and tackling unemployment in Nigeria by engaging a network of youths in empowering thousands of low income teenagers for life, leadership, employment and entrepreneurship across Nigeria through grassroots mentorship, educational supports, career guidance, vocational trainings, practical leadership development experiences and other innovative and inclusive programs.

Strategic Vision

To have a world where youths are competent and strong enough to lead


To nurture formidable leagues of youths who are actively transforming their societies through ethical civic and public leadership and innovative entrepreneurship.

 The Problems

Low access to tertiary education, Inadequate participation of youths in leadership and worsening youth unemployment crisis in Nigeria.

These Problems are due to the following issues:

Poverty, poor quality of education, parental ignorance, damaged sense of purpose and responsibility amidst teenagers, environmental influences and lack of proper guidance and opportunities. (Based on FGDs, Surveys and our experiences so far)

Some Facts


By 2030, close to a BILLION children growing up in the world would be unemployable due to lack of proper education.


Mllion youths are unemployed


Nigeria’s population would have doubled by 2055 to give about 400 million people and most of her youths are currently unemployed or underemployed.


As said by a formal President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo “the youths constitute Nigeria’s only hope for a real future” thus the future of Nigeria rests upon the shoulders of the currently educationally disadvantaged youths, teenagers and children growing up in our communities, who are being faced with overwhelming educational and life challenges and lacks the proper value system and orientation needed to grow up to be leaders.

Ensuring proper mentorship, access to quality education and leadership development for low-income teenagers today would in few years translate to increase in number of jobs through entrepreneurship, improved employability, a change in the narrative of Nigeria has a country being led by corrupt civic and public management leaders, as well as reduction in the rate of violence and terrorism in Nigeria.

These impacts would bring about peace, not just in terms of peace education but in production of meaningfully engaged citizens, our communities and the country at large would be more sustainable and there would be industrial growth, because the emerging breed of leaders would have been empowered through quality education to not just survive but to lead changes and proffer solutions to the major and minor problems affecting their communities and the nation at large.

Our Objectives

  • To provide teenagers in our cities of operation with mentorship, career guidance and practical leadership development experiences every year
  • To stimulate interest in education and excellent academic performance in teenagers attending high schools in our communities of operations
  • To empower low income teenagers in our cities of operation with vocational skills, educational supports and entrepreneurship skills.
  • To train parents in our cities of operation with knowledge and skills needed to create an enabling environment for educational excellence and leadership.
  • To create leadership development and volunteering opportunities for older youths through our arrays of activities.
  • To create leadership capacity development and volunteering opportunities for youths through the Sozo Leadership Institute.